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Psious is an Award-winning Virtual Reality company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with a new office in San Francisco in a VR incubator project to bring to market the best and brightest developments in Virtual Reality-based therapies

How does it work?

Psious uses the Unity platform to develop “environments” which bear a close resemblance to the many scenarios  patients confront such as aviation, elevators, bridges and tunnels, underground railways, receiving injections, and heights to name the first environments currently on offer. Using an Android-based smartphone and a head-mounted display, patients can be exposed to a series of challenges, under the control of the therapist.

Using a portable Virtual reality setup on board a real aircraft to extend exposure-based work
Using a portable Virtual reality setup on board a real aircraft to extend exposure-based work

Using the Psious VR system onboard an actual aircraft which remains stationary on the jetway, allows Flightwise to give the patient all the usual triggers the plane will make during an actual flight.

In terms of aviation, I have started to use the system on board stationary aircraft I can access, and so patients can simulate a flight in a real aircraft. Because of its portability, the Psious VR system has much to offer the therapist and patients.

The patient in the picture is in a Qantas 737 exit row, and is wearing a special “Skull Candy” headphone pair which add more bass response during the takeoff and turbulence simulations.

He reported it as quite an experience, but a very valuable learning one for how to apply his self-management strategies so far taught to him in our sessions.

I’m fortunate to have good relations with local staff at Melbourne Airport who assist in facilitating airport visits, and assist with patients speaking with knowledgable staff and crew.

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