Apple has introduced a Breathe app for the Applewatch – it might be handy for anxious flyers with a few tweaks

I am a keen user of technologies to help fear of flying patients better manage their fears, not just for flying but for other anxiety presentations. I am also a keen observer of Apple and a user of its products both personally and professionally.

Several times a year, the company holds a keynote where it lays out its forthcoming products and services.

What happens in treatment? After I’ve found and read, what next?

There are a number of ways people locate my services for fear of flying and related anxiety presentations. Given recent referrals, I thought I’d list a few then write about what happens when a prospective new patient emails, SMSs or telephones (0413040747 – I no longer maintain a landline) to enquire about how I work,

What Adele and her impersonators can teach you about anxiety

Every so often I meet a patient for the first time where I am challenged to how best to work with them. Usually, it may be because they are quite young – in their teens – or they may have some mild intellectual impairment which means I must modify the materials I use to demonstrate some of the concepts I believe are important to discuss,

Calm is not the cure for anxiety

Many people think learning to be always calm in their feared situations will “cure’ their anxiety. They’re wrong – here’s why.

The pursuit of two human emotions can get people into all sorts of bother.

The first is happiness, which many people diagnosed with depression or similar mood disorders chase and wish for,

“Loss of Control” Issues

Issues of Loss of Control can be very central for fearful flyers, especially those in senior positions

I’ve cited Loss of Control as one of the core issues some fearful flyers present with. Almost by definition, this group has made their own attempts to overcome this aspect of their fears –


How to understand and manage Claustrophobia

I once flew many years ago with a patient whose main self-assessed complaint was claustrophobia. We flew after a number of office sessions after she had been presented with most of the material and training I share with patients.

At one point during our outbound flight,