Apple has introduced a Breathe app for the Applewatch – it might be handy for anxious flyers with a few tweaks

I am a keen user of technologies to help fear of flying patients better manage their fears, not just for flying but for other anxiety presentations. I am also a keen observer of Apple and a user of its products both personally and professionally.

Several times a year, the company holds a keynote where it lays out its forthcoming products and services.

What Adele and her impersonators can teach you about anxiety

Every so often I meet a patient for the first time where I am challenged to how best to work with them. Usually, it may be because they are quite young – in their teens – or they may have some mild intellectual impairment which means I must modify the materials I use to demonstrate some of the concepts I believe are important to discuss,

Flight Attendants and Vigilance

One of the guidances I offer to patients is how to board their flight. Not just what to take for entertainment, or temperature regulation, but how to prepare for the boarding process.

For many fearful flyers (and others who anxiously await confronting a fearful event), the leadup to their flight can be critical to success.