Aviation Safety

Should I watch shows like Air Crash Investigation?

Many people, including patients, journalists, and those who work for airlines, often ask me if fearful flyers should be watching or avoiding TV shows like Air Crash Investigator, or indeed TV news bulletins featuring headline stories about aviation incidents.

It’s very hard to avoid the latter,

Visualisation and mental rehearsal

Visualisation and mental rehearsal

Nowadays, less than 20% of my patients cite air safety as their major concern which brings them to see me. Most airline-based courses, and certainly most books and websites spend a lot of time repeating the statistics about flight safety. This is necessary, but for many insufficient to help them fly better.


How to recalibrate your anxiety response using Heart Rate Variability training

Australia can take some pride in its list of inventions and inventors who have made a name for themselves around the world.

In terms of aviation, those black (actually orange) boxes which record flight deck conversations and inflight parameters originated in Australia.

Exposure Therapy

What is Exposure Therapy for Anxiety (and why is it so effective when used according to the evidence)?

Most of us are aware of the expression, “hopping back on the horse”.

It refers to being thrown from a horse, and the need to get back on and ride again immediately otherwise you’ll build up a fear response.